How Landscaping Services Boosts Property Value

Your home is one of the most valuable investments and it should reflect your personality and values. Most homeowners seek ways to enhance the value of their investment. One of the best ways to do this is through landscaping.

Briscott Landscaping services can help you boost your Greater Toronto property’s resale value and functionality.

Landscaping should do more than make your property look good. A well planned landscaping services can increase your home value by about 28%. The services can also reduce the time it takes to resell by between 10% and 15%. There are certain essentials you need to include in your landscaping to improve property value including:

Landscaping Services For Your Trees


This is one of the most important features to include on your property. Briscott landscaping services include identifying the most appropriate trees for properties. Trees can only add value if they are healthy, mature, and native to your particular neighborhood. The trees you plant also need to be suitable for the area. Trees help to prevent storm water runoff because they suck up and block water. This means that they stop pollutants from getting into the neighborhood’s waterways.

The presence of trees also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. You will also make energy savings because the trees will provide shade especially during the summer.

Add Native Plants to Boost Property Value


Another great way to enhance property value using landscaping is to add some native plants. If you want to add shrubs, plants, and trees on your property, make sure they are indigenous. Native plants require little maintenance to thrive because they are in their natural habitat. They can make your property marketable and will even reduce your flood insurance premiums. Take advantage of greater Toronto landscaping services to get the best native plants for your property.

Outdoor Lighting


This is one of the most popular outdoor features on a property. Tasteful outdoor lighting highlights other landscaping features and directs people to your front door, which should be the focal point in your home. With great lighting, it becomes easier to avoid falls and slips when it gets dark outside. Outdoor lighting has also been identified as a great way to deter intruders. The lighting you use can also make your front porch seem more inviting and warm.

Hire a professional for greater Toronto landscaping services to improve the value of your property and create a warm and inviting space. Good landscaping will help to bring out the best features on the property.

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